Basketball star Michael Jordan was once confronted with the saying ”There is no I in TEAM”.
He quickly replied, ”True! But there is an I in WIN”.

Based on this philosophy we develop executive teams in collaboration as well as individual performance.
Our aim is to create an executive team from a group of leaders.




Effective executive teams are a distinct competitive advantage.

An effective executive team is your most important leader tool and a tremendous competitive advantage – for the business as well as for attracting and retaining key players. Star employees demand high performing executive teams. We help you build and develop an organisation where people work
effectively together. For this we have developed a method with clear and demanding objectives.


High performing teams consist of T-shaped people

Before identifying the challenges, we diagnose the team and the people in it. Each individual’s role, behaviour and personality is evaluated and analysed.
Our efforts target the creation of courageous leaders who put the good of the whole first. We call them T-shaped leaders. They create excellent results within their own area of responsibility (vertical leadership). At the same time they represent the management team in all their deeds and actions (horizontal leadership).


Thorough methods ensure tangible results

Through PAT’s development program the team will be properly scrutinised. Among other things, group roles, personalities, operational management and strategic capacity are identified. One powerful tool is Five Success Factors. It maps out the maturity of the group using five vital dimensions, serving as the foundation for:
• understanding the team’s power and potential
• making discoveries about oneself and others
• dealing with conflicts
• finding ways of collaborating and communicating
• giving and receiving feedback
• creating trust
• making decisions that will work in practice
• putting the need of the team before your own



Play to your strengths and make them stronger.

To train your strengths is to develop your leadership. Successful leaders are aware of their strengths and know how to develop and make use of them. At the same time they make sure to keep their weaknesses in check. This is why our leadership training derives from one clear idea; focus on what you do best and do it even better. Capitalise on your talent. In addition, make sure the weaknesses that may influence your performance are dealt with and you will attain a viable leadership.


Soft and hard values are equally important

Organisations believing that a balance between hard and soft values renders a good leadership and builds a healthy corporate culture has a lot to gain from PAT’s leader development. The combination of business acumen and humanistic values is adapted entirely to your company’s needs and requests.


Diversified training for best impact

Training leadership is about bringing out the best in people and rally them and the business to a better future. It is about developing as a person. Diversified training in strategic and personal leadership gives the best impact. Our challenging development programs are conducted either individually or in groups.



The right tools used the right way.


Our leader training does what is says – leaves a trace

TRACE is our effective method for developing leaders – Tangible Results through Assessment and Challenging Encounters. The program is a counterweight to the efforts that leave little more than a ripple on the surface and where the results are files in a drawer. TRACE leaves a trace. It focuses on noticable change, concrete action plans, management by objectives, behavioural development and follow up. TRACE will give you tangible results.


PAT 360 Degree Interviews reveal your possibilites

One of the most important tools to enhance your self-awareness is 360 Degree Interviews. In personal interviews with our chartered psychologists your managers, colleagues, reports and other stakeholders put your performance and behaviour into words. The valuable insight you get will be used to develop your professional image and impact in the organisation.


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We engaged PAT Management to work with both our Executive and Senior Management teams to create greater alignment and understanding, both on an individual and collective level. We found PAT´s approach to be very thorough from the initial analysis and positioning stage, right through to delivery. Together we have achieved a real shift in performance and dynamics.
Mike Putnam, President & CEO, Skanska UK
PAT is our choice when it comes to leader development. With unusual exactness in their analysis and distinct focus on business, they have strengthened the individual as well as the organisation. I personally appreciate that, through our collaboration, we are properly challenged with the purpose of achieving the development we strive for. The competence at PAT is in my opinion among the best there is. I base my point of view on PAT’s blend of wide and deep experience and a continued curiosity about the latest research.
Susanne Kallur, CEO Sparbanken Syd
In our business – residential development projects – each employee is responsible for substantial finacial values. Therefore, focus on people development is both natural and prioritised for us. We work regularly with PAT Management. Their concept TRACE gives the employee and his/her manager a hands-on tool to ensure continued development. TRACE simply makes it happen and that is top priority with us.
Jonas Spangenberg, CEO BoKlok Housing