Recruiting on a hunch can have serious consequences in your business. With PAT you minimise the risk of selecting the wrong candidate.
In a personal assessment, in-depth mapping of strengths and weaknesses is central. To make it useful in your organisation, the candidate’s psychological DNA must be linked specifically to your purpose and culture. Psychology must be put to work. Not just become an appendix.




Precise and clear recommendations.


Science! Neither guessing game nor assumption.

Identifying and accurately describing winning strengths and critical weaknesses is a qualified work of art. The report you receive from PAT Management carries such exactness and precision that it distinctly takes a stand for or against. There are no ”it depends” or ”time will tell”. You will get a straight answer.


Key questions answered in a personal assessment:

Does the individual create results? Is she able to make things happen? Are there driving forces in place and are they strong enough? What about accountability and stamina?
Does the individual make others better? Does she have the ability to make others grow? Can she show tough empathy; give others what they need, not necessarily what they want?
Does the individual create a better future? Is the strategic capacity in place? Can she manage and lead change? Does she have an eye for business?
Does the individual display self-management? Is there self-awareness? How about emotional stability? Does she step forward in times of adversity? Risk for derailment?



Among the best there is.

The ability to lead is a combined talent. This is the capacity that PAT identifies. Our chartered psychologists always give you a completepicture of qualities, behaviour and strategic potential.


You get a tangible, clear and distinct picture

The assessment of an individual’s potential must be decidedly useful in your business. This is why we are proud to offer PAT Assessment Centre – among the best there is. It will give you what you need as regards a person’s current capacity, future potential and how to bridge the gap. You will know which roles and tasks will play to her strengths and which ones should be avoided. You and your candidate share a common objective and what it will take to get there. It becomes tangible, clear and distinct.


A complete image of qualities and behaviour

From a purely business perspective it is all about making people better. PAT Assessment Centre gives an indication of the candidate’s ability to lead herself as well as others. If she has the aptitude to run and develop a business. And what her strategic capacity and potential look like.



Precise instruments for precise recommendations.


The most accurate personal assessment there is

PAT’s toolbox carries effective instruments and tools, enabling the most accurate personal assessments on the market: in-depth interviews, relevant and challenging simulated exercises, various cognitive and intellectual tests and Perspektiv – PAT’s comprehensive personality test.

In-depth interviews – knowing, not guessing

Personal assessment is about predicting behaviour with great accuracy. In doing so, in-depth structural interviews are central and powerful tools. Without a clear stand, no distinct recommendation.

Define the qualities you are looking for

In-depth interviews take you to the inside of a person; a vast arena of possible behaviours. That is why it is important to define what you are looking for. If you cannot pinpoint what the person is expected to accomplish, then any alternative is viable. We will custom-make the interviews to fit the needs and wants of your business.

Foresee performance

A thorough analysis renders accurate predictions of how someone will perform in and influence your organisation. The assessed person’s leadership capacity is scrutinised through and through. As is her ability to develop the business and grasp new opportunities. You will not only know the state of affairs today – you will get a prediction of the future.



An even more precise instrument.


CPP – State of the art in the world of tests

The first generation of cognitive tests are quite sufficient in a predictable world. However, for many companies the reality is much more complex. Knowing whether people will perform and deliver results during times of change and uncertainty is becoming increasingly important. CPP is the latest and by far the best example of cognitive and intellectual tests. State of the art in the world of tests.

Detect strategic leader qualities with CPP

How do you know if an individual will be successful in a certain leadership role with specific demands? Who is capable of advancing in your organisation? How can you assess a person’s potential when she does not yet have experience in the intended role? What degree of complexity and uncertainty is she able to handle? CPP provides answers to questions like these. If there are strategic leader qualities, CPP will help us detect them. The predicted behaviour correlates well with future reality.



Many personality tests barely scratch the surface. Perspektiv – developed by PAT Management – goes in-depth and delivers results with precision.The academic research community assert that Perspektiv demonstrably provides valid results.

Gives a complete and nuanced picture

Perspektiv does not reduce people to a few variables. Instead it highlights success factors that are vital for most roles in your organisation.The test gives a complete and nuanced picture of an individual’s qualities and behaviour.

Read more about Perspektiv. >>


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PAT:s Assessment Centres and Personal assessments have exceeded all our expectations. The execution is of the highest standard, and the output from the feedback sessions is so tangible and sharp that it can be put directly to use in the organisation. PAT:s international experience, combined with their unmistakable competence throughout, make them a highly valued partner in our Talent Management process.
Jason Ju, Former Lerning and OD Manager, Greater China and APAC Sony Mobile
After eights years as a satisfied Perspektiv customer, it was inspiring to start collaborating with PAT Management on assessments. When you have experienced the quality Perspektiv represents, it is easy to see a more profound partnership as an opportunity for development and enhanced knowledge of modern leadership – and how it will benefit the entire company.
Lars Hansson, HR Manager, Berendsen Textilservice AB
The way PAT combines personality tests with in-depth interviews conducted by chartered and experienced psychologists has proved very successful for us in personal assessments. Their feedback clearly highlights the candidate’s strengths and shortcomings, as regards performance as well as values. The personal assessments guide us to the best decision and provide a solid foundation for career planning and development.
Therése Jönmark, HR Director, E.ON Sverige AB